About Us

Founded in 2017, an Incu-Tech incubate of HKSTP, ATG’s flagship product ClinicONE is a one-stop healthcare and medical diagnostic platform for precise medical treatment, seamless patient experience and A.I. electronic record management, in preparation for the new generation of smart clinics.

Core customers include large clinic groups, private hospitals, & over 800 individual dentists, general & specialist practices. ATG is an official Hong Kong eHealth service provider for patient record integration.

應用科技集團有限公司成立於2017年,為香港科技園公司「科技創業培育計劃」成員。我們是已註冊香港政府醫健通的電子健康記錄服務供應商,致力於為客戶提供電子健康記錄整合。我們運用雲端及大數據為用戶精心打造一站式的健康管理平台診所一號「ClinicOne」,為醫療服務提供者提供無縫患者體驗、 A.I. 電子記錄管理和更精准全面的診斷,從而簡化就醫流程,為新一代智能診所做好準備。 我們的核心客戶包括大型醫療機構、私營醫院、800多名私家牙科、普通科及專科醫生。

Applied Technology Group Limited

Applied Technology Group Limited

Our mission

ATG works effortlessly to provide seamless integration, best patient experience & secure data protection for clinicians as well as patients worldwide:

Seamless Patient Journey – to avoid islands of  patient records reside in various medical institutions

AI Electronic Health Record System – to consolidate patient activities together with clinical records to enable pathology deep learning

Precise Medical Treatment – to allow clinicians to plan for patient treatment precisely with AI medical tool marketplace, drug & chronic disease  alerts

CARE Platform

ClinicONE is a composition of C•A•R•E platform, in which:

  • Clinic – a Doctor diagnostic panel for clinic operations & Precise Medical Treatment
  • Record – a blockchain ready electronic patient record system in an independent and securely isolated from patient privacy for now & future Artificial Intelligent analysis
  • App – a mobile app for patient engagement for personalized healthcare plan & Seamlessly Patient Journey
  • Enterprise – a cloud enabled Middleware platform connects hospital, clinic group’s legacy systems & medical equipment for digital transformation & healthcare modernization

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